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Les avis des chercheurs visiteurs

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PhD Candidate, Northwestern University

I could not have asked for more ideal research partners than the faculty and staff at CREDDA-ULPGL. They were not only able to support multiple types of data collection—from in-depth interviews to focus groups to a large survey—but also provided opportunities for me to present my research findings and receive feedback from Congolese academics with in-depth knowledge of social, political, and economic dynamics in eastern Congo. Throughout our numerous partnerships, the CREDDA-ULPGL team has maintained the highest standards of professionalism and demonstrated a firm commitment to producing first-rate and policy-relevant research outputs. Professor Kennedy has been an incredible mentor and enriched my research activities in countless ways. It has been a privilege to work with the faculty and staff at CREDDA-ULPGL, and I could recommend them more highly as research partners.

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Masters student at London School of Economics and Political Science

"Dear Professor Kennedy Kihangi,
Thank you very much for generously welcoming me in to the ULPGL/CREDDA community! I am grateful for the ideas and feedback that you offered on my research and am humbled by the opportunity to present my research to your colleagues. Thank you again for providing me with such a fantastic opportunity! I am eager to return to Goma and work with you and the rest of the CREDDA team more."

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Britta Sjöstedt

PhD candidate from Lund University

I visited Université Libre des Pays des Grands Lacs, Goma in 2015 to conduct research for my PhD thesis looking at the application of the World Heritage Convention in relation to armed conflicts. During my visit in Goma, I was hosted by Prof. Prof Kennedy KIHANGI BINDU (Vice recteur en Charge de l'Administration and Directeur du Centre de Recherche CREDDA). He was an excellent host that helped to get in contact with other researchers, practitioners and organisations working with the issues that I’m interested in. He also helped me to organise a workshop which enabled me to share my preliminary research result and get feedback from persons working and doing research in the area.

Overall, I had a wonderful stay and I am thankful for the opportunity to build collaboration between Université Libre des Pays des Grands Lacs and Lund University.