DRC Bottom-Up News, N° 001, 7 September 2018

Hope this mail finds you well. This is just to update you about the political situation in the Democratic Republic
of the Congo three months before the presidential, national and provincial elections on 23rd December 2018. The
electoral process is progressing smoothly well despite some irregularities on the ground. Consecutively to my last
mail, President Kabila has acted according to the constitution by choosing a successor from his political platform
Mr Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary. It has to be indicated that Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, former Home Affairs
Minister and current acting General Secretary of the PPRD ruling party is a closed person to the president, under
US and EU sanctions.
The opposition parties have decided to take part in the electoral process raising meanwhile important challenges
that could impede the all process namely the lack of funds, the use of an electoral machine imposed by the electoral
commission, logistic needs keeping with the fact that DRC is a big country suffering from the lack of infrastructure
mostly roads, the presence of different armed groups in the Eastern Part of the country, displaced populations
movements, human rights violations during the process, … The critical point today is related to the publication of
the list of presidential and national legislative candidates. Six out of 26 presidential candidates have been put out
of the process by the National Electoral Commission amongst them JP Bemba (Former Deputy President released
from the International Criminal Court at The Hage), Samy Badibanga (Former First Minister), Adolphe Muzito
(Former First Minister). The main point of debate is the fact that some of the above-mentioned persons are holding
two citizenship against DRC constitutional provisions. Thus, the situation seems to be very uncertain on the
However, beyond all frustration and anxiety, people at the grassroots level are prepared to face the 23rd December
2018 presidential, national and provincial elections. Some scholars have been raising their voices toward a
transitional process through a new government that could prepare smoothly well within 12 months the elections.
However, many people do not believe on this considering that president Kabila will continue to be acting as
president during that period.
People in the City of Kinshasa and magazine are discussing the issue relating to people holding two citizenship
and occupying important positions in the country. The victims of the decision of the National Electoral
Independent Commission have introduced their concerns to the constitutional court. One is waiting for the decision
of the court.
In the the city of Lubumbashi, political leaders from the ruling party are currently under pressure because the
government did not allow Moise Katumbi (Former governor of Katanga) to get back in the country and to join the
electoral process.
The City of Goma is waiting for elections. Many political parties are more concerned on the position of leading
North Kivu Province (governor). A team of experts from World Health Organization are operating in the territory
of Beni against Ebola virus. However, armed groups are still acting. There is a need of organizing conferences
within different universities and amongst different members of the civil society to explain how to vote, why one
needs to vote, and what means political party projects.
One needs also to keep in mind the necessity of thinking about post electoral situation in DRC for the establishment
of strong institutions and security within the country. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks for
your time thinking about good life and stability in DRC.
The less skilled the people are, the poorer the country or the geographical area becomes.

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