DRC Bottom-Up News, N°004, October 2018, French note :  Quelle priorité pour Beni : ADF – Virus Ebola – Processus électoral

 La ville de Beni située à l’Est de la République Démocratique du Congo est exposée aux attaques fréquentes des présumés ADF et à l’épidémie du virus Ebola. Cela marque absolument la fièvre de préparation du grand rendez-vous électoral du 23 décembre 2018.

En effet, depuis quelques années, des vagues mystérieuses de tueries de masse sont enregistrées dans cette partie du pays. Ces tueries, commises principalement à la machette, ont plongé la région dans une brutalité jamais vue dans cette zone, avec un nombre de morts qui ne fait que croître au jour les jours et plus de 180.000 déplacés depuis le début de la principale vague de violence en octobre 2014.1 Malheureusement, l’identité des assaillants reste jusqu’aujourd’hui une énigme. Read more

DRC Bottom-Up News, N°003, October 2018

Some hanging controversial and milestones issues pertaining to the electoral process raised in our previous “updated DRC bottom up news” have been responded by the Constitutional Court keeping with the National Independent Electoral Commission stand. The Congolese Constitutional Court in Kinshasa decided not wait for the International Criminal Court (ICC) decision to reject and confirm the decision of the National Independent Electoral Commission to kick out of the electoral process Mr Jean Pierre Bemba. On the same path, applications of Mr Adolph Muzito and Mr Kizenga have been rejected. Taking this into account and Moise Katumbi case, one feels completely baffled on what could be the outcomes of the upcoming elections. The above mentioned persons seems to be key figures representing different provinces of strong influence namely Katanga, Kivu, Bandundu, Equateur and Kinshasa. Leaving them out of the process could surely lead to contested electoral results.    Read more

DRC Bottom-Up News, N°002, September 2018

The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Kenya have been in a strong diplomatic relationship since a number of years. The diplomatic missions of both countries are operating smoothly well in their respective capital cities namely in Kinshasa and Nairobi. According to Kenyan News Day Magazine, a diplomatic incident happened between DRC and Kenya Governments after the visit of DP Ruto in DRC. This is due to a « stolen USD 318m gold ». Below the article published by Kenyan news day Magazine on 22 september 2018:


DP Ruto sparks « furious » diplomatic row between Kenya and DRC over stolen USD138m gold.

A furious diplomatic spat played out between Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo after Congolese intelligence officers made a cross border pursuit of Deputy President William Ruto’s helicopter into Kenya. According to confidential sources that spoke to Kenyan News Day, DP Ruto is presently the centre of a furious diplomatic row with the DRC suspect his chopper was used to smuggle up to 5 tonnes of expensive solid gold out of Congo and into Kenya. The gold is reportedly worth a staggering $138 million (sh14 billion). Read more

DRC Bottom-Up News, N° 001, 7 September 2018

Hope this mail finds you well. This is just to update you about the political situation in the Democratic Republic
of the Congo three months before the presidential, national and provincial elections on 23rd December 2018. The
electoral process is progressing smoothly well despite some irregularities on the ground. Consecutively to my last
mail, President Kabila has acted according to the constitution by choosing a successor from his political platform
Mr Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary. It has to be indicated that Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, former Home Affairs
Minister and current acting General Secretary of the PPRD ruling party is a closed person to the president, under
US and EU sanctions. Read more